Pedicure – Manicure

Pedicure-manicure services from experts


pedicure_chairFurnishings, lighting and the equipment of  pedicure salon:

Waiting room in which coat rack, chairs and a toilet have to be placed.
In the treatment room the floor has to be washable, so do the walls which have to be panelled up to 1.50m.

  • The guest chair should be comfortable and with an arm-rest.
  • The chair of the chiropodist: it is recommended to use a rolling swivel chair the height of which can be adjusted. Continue reading

Foot Massage

foot-massageThe aim of massage:

  • stimulating metabolism
  • stimulating blood-and lymphatic circulation
  • relaxing muscles and joints.

It is prohibited to apply in case of:

  • fevered and infectious diseases, malignant disease,
  • leg with varicose veins or vasoconstriction, thrombosis,
  • skin-diseases, erysipelas, anthrax, inflamed skin surface, fungus infection of large surfaces, Continue reading

Effects of Massage

effects_of_massageLocal effects:

  • Helps the uppermost necrotic epithelial cells of skin to peel off so the skin becomes clear, regenerates, it will be more flexible and persistent and the absorption of substances affecting the skin will be enhanced (skin smoothing).
  • Stimulates processes occuring within skin, the cell, fibre and cuticle development is increased.
  • Joints are loosened and muscles are relaxed. Continue reading

Swedish Massage

  • swedish_massageSmoothing
  • Rubbing
  • Kneading
  • Nipping
  • Patting
  • Vibration
  • Shaking

The aim of smoothing is to make contact. Always touch the guest or the surface for massage with warm hands in order to make him/her feel good. With smoothing we can calm the guest down and make a good effect on his/her nervous system. Continue reading