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Effects of Massage

effects_of_massageLocal effects:

  • Helps the uppermost necrotic epithelial cells of skin to peel off so the skin becomes clear, regenerates, it will be more flexible and persistent and the absorption of substances affecting the skin will be enhanced (skin smoothing).
  • Stimulates processes occuring within skin, the cell, fibre and cuticle development is increased.
  • Joints are loosened and muscles are relaxed.

General effects:

  • The mechanical stimulus increases circulation,
  • Refreshes,
  • Venuos circulation is improved,
  • Lymphatic circulation is improved,
  • Body temperature and blood- pressure are increased.

Distant effects:

  • It stimulates nerve-endings, refreshes the nervous system, reduces the hyperexcitation, normalizes the autonomic nervous system, it has a pain-relieving effect.
  • Consensual effect: massaging different parts of the body produces the same feeling on the symmetric body parts where the same effect can be achieved.