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Swedish Massage

  • swedish_massageSmoothing
  • Rubbing
  • Kneading
  • Nipping
  • Patting
  • Vibration
  • Shaking

The aim of smoothing is to make contact. Always touch the guest or the surface for massage with warm hands in order to make him/her feel good. With smoothing we can calm the guest down and make a good effect on his/her nervous system.

With rubbing we make tiny, cyclic movements on the body surface. We improve haematosis which helps to peel off the necrotic ceratinous cells.
Kneading can only be made in a relaxed state. We raise the muscle-tone with our palms and hands and make a pressing effect. This also improves haematosis to a great extent and increases the functioning of metabolism.
Nipping has a refreshing, haematosis improving effect. It is not allowed to be used on skin  that is disposed to inflame.
Superficial patting with fingertips and with switched hands. We pat the skin by sliding our hands a little. These motions may have haematosis improving, muscle-tone relaxing and pain-killing effect. By patting intensely we can produce high muscle relaxation.
Vibration requires physical strain. Nowadays vibrational massage is made with machines. This has a blood-pressure relieving, pain-killing and relaxing effect. This is very serious physical work so it is not allowed to be done by those who suffer from heart-disease since it takes their physical strength to a great extent. We grip a bundle of muscles with our fingers, shake it rhythmically, hold down the ankle and make cyclic motions. We should make this movement only if the body for massaging is completely relaxed.
Shaking is used for completing the massage. We loosen the muscles and reset the joints.